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by Oct 31, 2022TaeKwon-Do

What is TaeKwonDo sparring - TaeKwon-Do Sunninghill taekwon-do centre sandton tkdsa

Sparring is the physical application of the offensive and defensive techniques learnt within the patters and fundamental exercises against one or two more “Real Life” opponents.

Whilst the Taekwon-Do student learns the application of fundamental exercises through drilling and patterns, sparring is essential to complete the process of learning. Students can never fully appreciate or understand the intensity, conditioning and reactions required to utilise their techniques without training in sparring.

You may soon discover that whilst you may be able to perform your patterns without running out of breath, a 1 minute intense session of free sparring could leave you completely breathless.

Through sparring a student trains the eyes and mind to read their opponents tactics and manoeuvres as well as toughening their blocking and attacking tools and testing their own ability. It’s the instructors responsibility to ensure that students do not participate in any sparring until they have learnt the required techniques that will serve as a good foundation upon which to base their sparring.

There are two types of sparring in Taekwon-Do. Step sparring and Free Sparring.

Step Sparring (3, 2 and 1 Step) is a formal system of training that is laid out in three stages. It was developed specifically to prepare students for real life self-defence scenarios. It does this by breaking down all the complex skills that are needed to successfully defend and counterattack in a real life situation. It is taught in a logical and easy to digest manner which includes timing, distance, judgement, positioning and strategy.

Free sparring has two parts. Contact and non-contact. With either of these two approaches, it is important not to confuse them with realistic self-defence, which is designed to act out scenarios that could occur in everyday life. It is also important to remember that whatever form of sparring you are engaged in, in the classroom there is no winner or loser. You are there to learn and grow in experience.

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