What is TaeKwon-Do

by Oct 29, 2022TaeKwon-Do

What is TaeKwon-Do - TaeKwon-Do Sunninghill taekwon-do centre sandton tkdsa

Tae – To kick or smash with the foot

Kwon – To punch or break with the hands

Do – The art or way of

First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha

“Taekwon-Do, is the physical, spiritual and mental practice of Human rights and human equality. In the first instance, it is a means to defend oneself. We each possess one life and no one has the right to take that life away from us.

TaeKwon-Do should therefore teach us the physical skills we need to preserve our rights and freedoms. But in learning these skills we should also develop a respect for the rights and freedoms of others and fight to preserve them.

Taekwon-Do is therefore tolerance, acceptance and respect for each other. It is not the means by which we raise ourselves above our fellow men to feel superior. If we strive to prove our superiority over others then all we achieve is strife.

If instead we can join in mutual respect and share our knowledge and love of Taekwon-Do without judgment, then we will be one step closer to peace and unity.

If you have any questions, please contact us, if you are interested in joining the ACE TaeKwon-Do centre in Sunninghill, see which classes we have on offer, children, adults and black belt. To join, please visit our memberships page

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