We Are Open!!

by Jan 10, 2022Fitness, TaeKwon-Do

Roy Westfehling & Tory Sutherland-Dadds

Instructors, Club Co-Owners, ACE TaeKwon-Do Centre

This evening, we saw a lot of hard, behind the scenes work come to fruition.  Moving to a new venue has been both the most stressful experience of the past two months, as well as the most rewarding!

Ready For 2022.

This year has some very exciting events scheduled:


Tournaments with other clubs in SA


Seminars with senior international instructors


Internal tournaments


Specialized self-defense and sparring coaches

A Couple Of Thank Yous

We are so very thankful to Sabum-nim Shaheed Karachi and Sabum-nim Jordan Arnold for their support, guidance and trust during this transition.

A MASSIVE thank you to all the special parents and students at ACE TaeKwon-Do Centre for your enthusiasm and positive response with this move.  It promises to be a very special year of growth!


Thank you!


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