What are the Belts

by Oct 31, 2022TaeKwon-Do

A Taekwon-Do belt should only wrap around your waist ONCE. Which is indifferent from many other martial arts. In Taekwon-Do, this practice symbolises several things.

  • The Pursuit of one goal, once that goal has been chosen.
  • Service to one master with unshakable loyalty
  • The gaining of victory in one blow

The Taekwon-Do belt is something that is visible to everyone so that they know what to expect from you, as both a practitioner and as a person.

There are Colour Belts and Black Belts. The colour belt syllabus is designed to teach the students how to move in Taekwon-Do, for more information view out classes here.

As a beginner, you will start with a White Belt. As your skills begin to develop, you will progress through each belt level until you reach Black Belt. There are two levels for each belt colour starting with White.

White belt is followed by a  yellow stripe after a successful grading or promotion. Thereafter you will receive a yellow belt, then a green stripe, green belt, blue stripe, blue belt, red stripe, red belt, black stripe and only then will the student be promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt.

There are three gradings or promotions in a year and students should only grade or apply for a promotion if they have achieved the level of competency for that belt level.

There are 9 Black Belts in Taekwon-Do – 1st Dan to 9th Dan. Achieving your 1st Dan Black Belt should be seen as the beginning of your Taekwon-Do journey and not the destination. Many students quit once they have reached this level, however, this is only the beginning because there is a massive amount of information that is taught at black belt level.

If you have any questions, please contact us, if you are interested in joining the ACE TaeKwon-Do centre in Sunninghill, see which classes we have on offer, children, adults and black belt. To join, please visit our memberships page.

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